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If you live in an older home, you might not have as many electrical receptacles as you would like, and you might even find that there are a lot of ungrounded receptacles. Unfortunately, there isn’t always an easy way to fix this. If there isn’t a ground connection available, you would need to re-wire the receptacle, which might require you to open up the walls to get access.

Sometimes, homeowners have installed grounded receptacles without the required wiring, creating a safety hazard where it looks to be a grounded receptacle when in reality it is not. If an appliance has a malfunction, you could be electrocuted.

The proper solution without re-wiring the receptacle would be to install a GFCI outlet that will work as a circuit breaker in case of a load imbalance caused by a short or similar malfunction. To find out what your options are, consulting with an electrician might be a good idea.