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Keeping warm is always a concern in the wintertime. There are many different ways to heat your home up, but one of the methods that make the best use of natural resources is a pellet stove. They can be fueled by compressed pellets of sawdust, food waste, or wood shavings. When burned, these pellets also create much less ash than other materials do. The pellets are also space-saving since they come tightly packed in bags, easy to transport and store.

There is a downside with the pellet stove, however. It requires electricity for its operation, and this can be a problem when there is a power outage, so you should have some backup source of electricity if this happens often in the area where you live.

Pellet stoves are also built in such a way that the heat mostly radiates out the front of the unit, so the sides don’t require as much clearance as you might need with other types of burners.