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Typically, December is a very busy month for many people with a lot of time spent indoors with family and friends. Naturally, more time at home means an increased risk of accidents within the home so, we thought a few safety reminders would be a good idea. Here are a few of them:

Who doesn’t love a roaring fire during the colder months? Have you had it inspected lately to make sure it is in safe working order? It’s also important to check if the flue is open. Combustible items are often displayed around a fireplace so be sure they have been removed before lighting a fire.

There is great potential for fire risk this month. A few of the main things to check are broken bulbs or fraying wires in strings lights, check smoke and carbon monoxide alarms and make sure the batteries don’t need replacing. Do not leave candles lit in a room unattended and be careful not to position them anywhere near to flammable materials.

If there are small children who will be staying with you it’s very important to go around the home and check that dangerous objects such as scissors and knives are well out of their reach. Did you know that some plants can also be dangerous for children and pets? A popular plant this time of year is the poinsettia which, although beautiful, is poisonous and so should also be kept out of reach.

While these reminders are basic, it’s still important to keep them in mind during such a busy month.