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The sun is very far away from us. It takes 8 minutes and 20 seconds for the light from the sun to reach us, but amazingly it still has a huge impact on our lives. Without the heat from the sun, life couldn’t exist on the earth. In recent decades, some have also begun to take advantage of the sun to generate electricity. In years past it was not really worth it to install solar power, but as technology makes progress, solar panels have gotten more efficient and batteries are now able to store more energy. This means that solar power has become a valid option for a homeowner.

If you decide to switch to solar power, you do well to spend some time researching your options, as well as, the local companies that install solar panels. Poorly installed solar panels could lead to a leaky roof. Some choose instead to have their solar panels installed on the ground. While this doesn’t give as good exposure as a roof does, it makes maintenance easier.