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When your toilets and sinks start backing up, you don’t always know what the cause is. There are many different things that can be behind a clogged pipe, but if it is your main sewer pipe that is blocked, you will see a problem with every single drain in your home, which can be disastrous. What can clog your main sewer pipe? A common cause are tree roots. If there is a crack in your pipes, or if two pipes have been pulled apart, causing a leak, the nutrient filled water is very beneficial for any trees growing near the area. With the added nutrients, more roots will form and force their way into the pipe, causing the leak to increase, and eventually blocking the pipes completely.

The problem is that there is no easy fix for this problem. While you can get temporary relief by mechanically cutting the roots inside the pipe or by using some type of pesticide to kill the roots off, new ones will soon take their place. The only permanent solution will be to dig up the pipe and replace it with one that is sealed up properly.