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Any homeowner knows that in order to avoid huge costs down the line, regular maintenance needs to be done on the home.  Wood is something that, when used in the home’s construction, could start to deteriorate.  One of the reasons it will do this is because of wood decay or wood rot as its known.  Wood rot is a form of fungus that affects wood.  It is not the same as termite or carpenter ant damage which is a separate problem.  Although wood rot thrives in warm and damp locations, its pretty tough and can survive in more extremes as well. 

In order to survive wood rot needs 3 things: oxygen, moisture and a food source.  There are many places throughout a home that would supply these things, meaning that you should check for wood rot in most areas.  Here’s an example of some of the places that would be vulnerable to wood rot:

  • Roof penetrations that have incorrect or damaged flashing
  • Wood which is in direct contact with concrete, masonry or soil
  • Cracks in foundations or areas around the foundations which have water pooling from inadequate grading on the property
  • Decking support posts or ground floor level decking. 
  • Wood areas beneath windows or underneath poorly installed sliding doors
  • The sub floor surrounding toilets and bathtubs
  • Plumbing leaks and around corroded plumbing fixtures

This is just some of the potentially vulnerable areas to wood decay.  If you are worried that your home could be susceptible to wood rot, why not have it inspected by a certified InterNACHI home inspector? This way you can address the issue before it becomes too big.